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Latina K Turner D’Ho is a solo burlesque artist since 2010, and drag/draglesque artist since 2019. Latina immigrated from Guayaquil, Ecuador and settled in Olympia, WA in 2005- they are no stranger to the stage: a natural born entertainer, Latina has a performing background of Belly Dance and Burlesque going back to 2007.

Latina made their burlesque debut formerly under the Perlita Picante moniker in November of 2010 after they auditioned for the first ever guest spot with Olympia’s longest running troupe TUSH! Burlesque.

In 2012, they became founding member, and until 2016, full time member and co-producer of Rock Candy Burlesque, collective based in Olympia, WA. During lockdown in 2020 members of Rock Candy found other means of artistic expression, Latina returned to RCB and took over the name and artistic direction of the collective.

During the summer of 2018 they co-founded Papaya Magic Cabaret, the first and currently only all-Latine burlesque and cabaret performance collective in Olympia; and as of December of 2022 is the newest Chicken at Olympia’s drag collective Free Range Drag (and the collective’s oldest in age Chicken).

Latina produced the all Latine annual burlesque and variety showcase “Azucar, a Celebration of Latin & Hispanic Heritage” under Perlita Picante Entertainment with Professir Rolan Thunder of Jalapeño Productions, which took place at the historic Capitol Theater in September of 2018 and November of 2019. In late 2018, Latina teamed up with Dahlia Kash for casting the variety show series “Mischief, a Melanated Burlesque and Variety Show”, designed to showcase BIPOC performers from across the Pacific Northwest.

Latina performs regularly as a soloist or with their troupe Papaya Magic Cabaret throughout the Pacific Northwest. Latina K Turner D’Ho had the honor of hosting the 2022 Capital City Pride in Olympia, WA. They most recently participated at the 2022 What The Funk!? An All BIPOC Burlesque Festival and the inaugural Fatlesque Fest NW in 2023, both at The Triple Door in Seattle.